Joey Cheung PhD


Joey Cheung PhD








Joey Cheung PhD


Educational Background 

B.A. University of California, Berkeley, Astrophysics and Physics, 2008

Ph.D. University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center & Health Science Center at Houston Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Medical Physics, 2014
Medical physics resident, UC San Francisco (2014-2016).


Awards & Honors

AAPM Summer Undergraduate Fellowship, 2007
Toshi Nikaidoh Service Award UTHealth Student InterCouncil (SIC) Scholarship, 2012-2013
Faculty and Alumni Scholarship University of Texas Health Science Center Houston - GSBS, 2009-2014
Student Travel Award University of Texas Health Science Center Houston - GSBS, 2010-2013
Pomerantz Physics Scholarship University of California at Berkeley – Department of Physics, 2007-2008 


Selected Publications and Abstracts

Cheung JP, Park PC, Court LE, Zhu XR, Kudchadker R, Frank SJ, Dong L. A novel dose-based positioning method for CT image-guided proton therapy. Med Phys 2013;40(5);051714.
Park PC, Cheung JP, Zhu XR, Lee AK, Sahoo N, Tucker SL, Liu W, Mohan R, Court LE, Dong L. Statistical assessment of proton treatment plans under set-up and range uncertainties. Int J Rad Biol Phys 2013;86(5):1007-1013.
Park PC, Cheung J, Zhu XR, Sahoo N, Court L, Dong L. Fast range-corrected proton dose approximation method using prior dose distribution. Phys Med Biol 2012;57(11):3555-3569.
Cheung J, Kudchadker RJ, Zhu XR, Lee AK, Newhauser WD. Dose perturbations and image artifacts caused by carbon-coated ceramic and stainless steel fiducials used in proton therapy for prostate cancer. Phys Med Biol 2010;55:7135.
Aubry JF, Cheung J, Morin O, Beaulieu L, Hsu IC, Pouliot J. Investigation of geometric distortions on magnetic resonance and cone beam computed tomography images used for planning and verification of high-dose rate brachytherapy cervical cancer treatment. Brachytherapy 2010;9:266-273.
Cheung J, Aubry JF, Yom SS, Gottschalk AR, Celi JC, Pouliot J. Dose recalculation and the dose-guided radiation therapy (DGRT) process using megavoltage cone-beam CT. Int J Rad Biol Phys 2009;74(2):583-92.
Aubry JF, Cheung J, Morin O, Gottschalk A, Beaulieu L, Pouliot J. Correction of mega-voltage cone-beam CT images of the pelvic region based on phantom measurements for dose calculation purposes. J Appl Clin Med Phys 2009;10(1):33-42.
Book Chapter
Dong L, Cheung JP, Zhu XR. Image-Guided Proton and Carbon Ion Therapy. Proton and Carbon Ion Therapy: CRC Press; 2012. pp. 127-149.
Conference Presentations: Oral
Cheung JP, Dong L, Park P, Zhu XR, Kudchadker R, Frank SJ, Court LE. Successes and Limitations of Online Range Adaptive Spot Scanning Proton Therapy for NSCLC. AAPM Annual Meeting 2014. Med Phys 2014;41:552.
Cheung J, Park P, Zhu XR, Frank SJ, Court LE, Kudchadker R, Dong L. Feasibility of online range adaptive spot scanning proton therapy. AAPM Annual Meeting 2012. Med Phys 2012;39(6):3998.
Cheung J, Park P, Zhu XR, Court LE, Frank SJ, Kudchadker R, Dong L. Comparison of dosimetric benefit of online dose-guided alignment versus anatomy-guided alignment for proton therapy. AAPM/COMP Joint Annual Meeting 2011. Med Phys 2011;38(6):3854.