2014-2015 Physics Residents

Physics Residents 2015









The Physics Residency Program host four residents at any giving time during the 2 year process.  Designed to exceed the requirements of the CAMPEP residency, our program is aimed to prepare our residents toward a career in clinical medical physics with an emphasis with a strong academic vocation.


Our current Residencies are no extension from the other that came before. They come from a solid foundation in basic physics or equivalent fields, and satisfy the PhD CAMPEP requirement.  It is typical to review up to 100 applicants per year to select one or two candidates. The interview process is performed in accordance with the equal opportunity standards of UCSF.


The application process is entirely web-site and electronic. Interested candidates are provided with a list of material that provides essential information on radiation oncology physics training (see table below). These AAPM documents are free and downloadable:  aapm.org/pubs/reports.